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cocha cafe






平面引入五个圆形,被边界切成半圆或四分之一圆:一个成为吧台,一个成为卫生间及员工间,三个成为座位区。吧台作为空间主角将人们从门厅引入到房间最深区域。 三个座位区各具特点:外圆场景灵活松散排列,中圆呼应平面向心摆设,内圆召开会议正式布置。




COCHA, a coined word that combines coffee and cha(tea), has a Spanish etymological origin that means  lake or lagoon, which serves as a starting point for both formal prototype and spatial organization.


Five rings are introduced into the space, cut by the existing plan boundary to form semi-circles or quarter-circles: one for bar area, one for storage and bathroom, and three for seating areas. Being the center piece of the space, the bar area channels people all the way from the entry foyer to the bathroom. The three seating areas are arranged to have different characteristics: one in a loosey-goosey fashion to be more sporadic, one in a centripetal figure to correspond to the plan, and one in a formal layout to host meetings.


The negative space cut out by the rings are made positive to form a metallic installation that dominates the space. The elevation curves are smoothed out diagonally to have a continuous configuration. Brushed stainless steel panels are applied to the surface to create a technological ambience. The installation connects to the storefront in a way that separates the entrance from window area. The upper facade faces the outside with perforated metal panels for signage  fixtures, and opens to the inside with mechanical windows for ventilation. The facade maximizes the views out to the riverbank landscape while blending into the building facade as a whole.

The furnishing design strengthens the spatial logic. The curved sofa set at the entrance goes along with the facade curve to define the flow of space. The circular sofa set in the middle is centered on the plan circle to define the edge of space. The transparent curtain is pulled to close the inner circular space completely.  The selection of plants works with the furniture plan, further defining seating areas with their shape and presence.


As islands of programs that are independent from each other and converge to unify as a whole, COCHA serves as a metaphor for a space that makes people communicate and connect.

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