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floating TEAHOUSE









Site and Program

The floating teahouse is located on an existing rectangular island that is in the middle of a fishing pond. Its southern edge faces the country road that is beyond the fence of the farm, presenting itself to the visitors when they first approach the farm. It faces the greenhouse area on the north and a neighboring forest on the west. A footbridge to the east is the only access from land. The building has to accommodate a dining place, a kitchen, and a teahouse.

Architecture Design

The building boundary is a simple 11mX30m rectangle that sits on the existing island. Two shifting linear volumes are placed together to form interior spaces. The merged central portion form the big space to hold the dining place while two split ends hold the kitchen and the teahouse separately. The offset space between the linear volume and the rectangle form the outdoor spaces that become either terraces or galleries.

The building adopts a lightweight steel frame structure, with glass or solid wall enclosure as its inner boundary. The outer boundary is formed by bamboo screens that can be opened at the center on four edges. These doors open to the south and north at the dining room, to the west at the teahouse and to the east at the bridge. The entire compound can be closed during winter seasons.

It’s a shame that its construction didn't happen, due to the new development policy after 2012.

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