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skyview courtyard 观天院


Traditional east Shandong dwellings are typical courtyard houses. The proposal started with the intention of recreating this courtyard space, using traditional building systems. 

The northern roof of the north house is maintained, while its southern roof is morphed into a continous surface with ridges of all houses and courtyard circular edge. The  south wall with traditional styled gateway is preserved, in contrast with the elevated walls that support the new tiled roof via wood beams. 

The north house is composed of two set of bedrooms, while east and west house serve as their bathrooms. The south house is a open space that accommodate kitchen and dining room.  

A circular inner courtyard is introduced based on the rectangular plot boundary, providing a spiritual space that stares back into the sky. 


北房北坡保留,南坡变换成屋脊、庭院与院墙一起形成的自由曲面。 院墙与门头为保留元素,剩下加高的院墙和建筑体连成一体。室内屋面为木结构的构造方式,室外屋面铺设青瓦。



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