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noah Production cENTER



Existing Condition

Three buildings existed on the compound: a methane facility, a tofu factory, and a greenhouse shed. It is important as how to connect the three buildings together without altering their existing boundaries, which is required by the design challenge.

Building Program

The methane facility to the west is changed into a greenhouse. The tofu factory is reserved in the middle with additional programs. The greenhouse to the east is reprogrammed to a lab that cultivates farm insects.


Architecture Design

The design starts with the idea to connect the three buildings together, placing the building programs in a way that interact with visitors’ circulation. Upon entering the west gate of the compound, one enters the glass greenhouse from the west. A canopied courtyard opens to the south when one exits the greenhouse and is about to enter the tofu factory. The tofu factory is entered from its northwest corner, and opens up to the landscape to the south when one comes to its southern edge. In this viewing gallery, one can take a look into the production room on the north, or enjoy the greenery to the south. The material and product rooms are grouped with this production room and placed to the northwest corner, while the sunbathing room is separated out as a single volume to the southeast corner, due to its requirement for direct sun exposure. The visitors’ circulation is disturbed as a result that they have to take a detour when they come to the sunbathing room, the northern edge of which is open for visitors to look into. A tranquil courtyard connects the tofu factory and the farm insect incubator.


Building System

Since all buildings are built on the basis of original buildings, the structures are reinforce with concrete and refilled with bricks. The exterior walls use plaster and paint. All roofs use simply steel plate compound roof panels.