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bwao office






Program Requirements
The client intended to share the rental unit with BWAO. The entry yard and front portion of the first floor is used for BWAO’s studio space while back portion is reserved for client’s residence. The second floor is a communal space.

The unit is 6.6m in width and 18m in depth. The front part is a double height space while the back part has a second floor that is connected through a staricase. The design not only keeps the current structure, but rather extend the second floor into the front part, achieving a sweeping second floor space.

The middle columns of the new floor structure is concealed by putting a service bar in the center. Programs such as working, meeting and exhibition are spread out from the bar area. The bar is integreated with a bookshelf, a service area, and a giant countertop that is 1.2mx3.4m in dimension and cast with concrete. The residential part of the first floor has an independent entrance and is seperated from the office part with a sliding door.

The second floor level is an open space for activities to happen. The hanging lights are arranged in a matrix that provide lighting for the space and delineating a new ceiling level at the same time. The protuded window and its ventilation flaps are the only changeds to the main facade.  

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