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Temporary Exhibition Pavilion





Hutong with life - Fayuan Temple area re-envisioned, works from the titled studio by Tianjin University students are to be exhibited in No.2 Nanbanjie Hutong for the Beijing Design Week. Rooms provided by the organizer are not enough to hold all of students’ production, mainly in forms of drawing panels and models. A temporary exhibition pavilion is needed to accommodate one extra group of student works.

Situated at the corner of No.2 Nanbanjie Hutong, the edges of the site are defined by very rough edges: well furnished brick walls, poorly plastered cement walls, and seasoned brick walls from which mortars come off. Five pieces of new walls are carefully inserted into the plan, reorganizing the irregular shape of the yard as well as providing vertical surface for exhibition panels. Three small courtyards are created as a result: one ‘tree’ courtyard to the west, one ‘wall’ courtyard to the south, and one ‘corner’ courtyard to the east. These courtyards not only frame the themed elements for people to view into, but also serve as apparatus to channel sunlight into the exhibition space.

The pavilion uses lightweight steel frame as structure. Wood panel boards and colored paint are applied as cladding and final finish. The entire structure sits on a raised foundation that existed on site. An entry gateway connects the pavilion space back to the main courtyard as an intervention piece that is part of the exhibition.

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